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Ranjith Kumar P

Head - Strategic Product & Plant operations

  • Developed and initiated projects, managed costs, and monitored

performance and analyzed the market for a better outcome.

  • updated operational methods and oversaw accounting procedures for improved efficiency. maintained clear communication with precise technical writing to document and inform critical processes.

  • maintained compliance with regulatory parameters in complex projects with overlapping policies. Planned, designed, and scheduled phases for large projects

  • managed projects from procurement to commission. achieved project deadlines by coordinating with contractors to manage performance. modified and directed project plans to meet organizational needs.  

  • identified plans and resources required to meet project goals and objectives. Accelerated progress through continually reviewing performance and budgets and project timelines.  

  • supported future project development through the drafting of marketing requirements materials.

  • hosted product demonstrations and promoted features to clients.


Ranjith Kumar P
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