Stacus 2 wheel

Stacus 2 Wheel is a two- wheeled self-balancing mobility board Smooth and simple acceleration safe

self-balancing wheel, drift corners with ease.

Especially designed to overcome the long distance walking aroundCorporate Offices and Industrial plants.

We will install & maintain “Stacus 2 Wheel” station in OEM or wherever you required, you can take it and go around the places
you want to visit.

Our wheel are electric, hands-free, self-balancing scooters that people
stand on and ride.

Our Features

  • Easy to learn

  • More convenient

  • Safe and User friendly

  • Increase your work efficiency

  • Reduce the travel time & effort.

  • Integrated with Tracking

  • Navigate to your product

  • Solar Charged

  • All terrain compatible

  • Available on Rental