Why industries moving to returnable packaging from their existing disposable packaging?

Most of the Indian industries are using conventional wooden pallet and corrugated boxes for

one way packaging. There are no estimates about the amount of wooden packaging or the disposal of waste, as no industries has bothered to investigate the same. But nowadays environmental problems have been discussed among the government, businesses and society. Wooden or corrugated packaging and the disposal of waste have huge environmental impact. In addition to increasing the waste generated, the growing trend of excessive packaging will certainly lead to considerable loss of forest cover. Not only that, the toxic chemicals used in the production of these packaging materials are bound to affect human health as they enter our food cycle. Some of other major packaging challenges faced by current industries are,

  • Inventory tracking and Management

  • Disposal of One way packaging

  • Higher product damage rate during due to unsafe packaging.

  • Space Constraint

  • Unavailability of perfect Packaging

Industrial packaging has still been considered on disposable one way packaging which big and varied quantities of waste but returnable packaging can reduce wastes, resource consumption and save cost. Based on current demand, studies on reverse logistics with focus on the industrial packaging activity stand out. The Returnable Packaging Association (RPA) defines ‘returnable packaging’ as pallets, containers and dunnage designed for reuse within a supply chain. These returnable packaging solutions are constructed for multiple trips and extended life. returnable packaging containers can be efficiently stored, handled and distributed throughout the supply chain.

Today, businesses are looking at plastic reusable packaging as a solution to help them reduce costs in the supply chain as well as meet their sustainability objectives. Returnable packaging is the best solution in for many applications. Over the years, it is becoming the preferred packaging material for shipping. Their value is quantifiable and has been verified in multiple industries and uses. Moreover, returnable packaging and plastic reusable packaging is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative for customers who have an extensive flow of goods with a limited number of distribution points.

Stacus solution is a returnable packaging services provider who offers Eco-friendly and reusable packaging solutions for the Automotive, Retail, Electronic and FMCG Industry. Helping Original Equipment Manufacturers and Supplier’s in their growth without letting them deviate from their core business. With our experience, expertise and unique business model we provide End to End supply chain solution to Industry. Stacus unique packaging products are, reusable, transport friendly, operation friendly, cost-effective and variety of sizes makes it fit to product and fit to logistics. Stacus returnable packaging solutions are,

  • Long term continuous shipping is cost-effective

  • Durable to withstand atmospheric changes

  • Returnable packaging containers can be collapsed completely so can save the space after unloading

  • Can handle easily as it comes with push lock so easy lock and unlock

  • Nested or stacked for the easy return transportation

  • Custom design for improved efficiency

  • As it comes with flat internal space so can fit the product easily.

  • Less Maintenance or even not required

  • Easy to clean

  • Reusable and Recyclable

  • Can be customized with a brand logo, if required

Stacus follows unique and flexible business model which is designed to meet customer expectations, promote IOT, Enables Business Scaling and generate the best investment returns.

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