Pallet Sleeve Box

pallet sleeve box
pallet sleeve box

pallet sleeve box
pallet sleeve box

pallet sleeve box
pallet sleeve box

pallet sleeve box
pallet sleeve box


Pallet Sleeve Box are the eco-friendly collapsible bulk containers used for storage, transit and warehousing in industrial supply chain. The Rectangle Plastic Pallet Sleeve Box implementation in supply chain eliminates the conventional paper corrugated boxes and wooden packaging, hence saving the wastage of natural resources. The heavy duty pallet boxes are massively being used in industries as it’s easy to handle with high weight carrying capacity which makes it an ideal product for supply chain application. PP Fluted box is the completely closed box which comes with 3 basic entities, injection molding pallet, lids and bubble guarded sleeve wall. The pallet and lid are incorporated with the mechanism which gets locked with the sleeve to form a closed unit. The sleeve has customized window options on both length walls for the easy access of operators while loading and unloading of the product from the box.

The high GSM of the sleeve packs makes it fit for high application loads during static and dynamic operations. Apart from bubble guard box structure the sleeve packs also come with cross fluted, straight fluted and diamond fluted structure as per application. The top lid is designed with the pallet stacking provision making the box stackable up to G+1 (G-ground) in dynamic load condition and up to G+3 in static load condition. The pallet lid and the sleeve are made up of high-density polyethylene material which makes it highly durable, long-lasting and can withstand multi cycle operation. It can be handled with material handling equipment like forklift, stacker and hand pallets where pallet legs can fit and stack one above the another. This box is widely being appreciated for its space saver concept in collapsible condition. In return logistics this pallet sleeve box can be nested one inside the another and sleeve packs can be folded reducing the complete volume by 70%. Hence, this is the highly effective solution for return logistics and storage purposes. The pallet containers and sleeve solution has operation benefits like low maintenance, easy refurbishment and commercially viable for domestic users.

Key Features

  • Eco-friendly

  • Reusable

  • Recyclable

  • High strength

  • Low weight

  • Easy to assemble

  • Shock resistance

  • Space saving: reduce 70% of the volume.

  • Pallet and lid locking system

  • Completely closed box

  • Weather proof

  • Dust proof

  • Customizable in height

  • Multi size base

  • Multi cycle uses

  • Stackable and nestable