Packaging Solutions

Stacus Solution offers end-to-end industrial packaging solution for your supply chain. We are driven by three value proposition (Operation Friendly Solution, Multi-Material Engineering and Total Cost Approach) and step towards creating better Solution. We follow four basic fundamental that defines our approach and services that includes Conceptualizing, Prototyping, Manufacturing, and Managing.

Stacus is the hub for the specialized corporate who posses deep knowledge, Skills and experience in conceptualising the innovative and operation friendly Packaging Solution. Our team of experts interact with you to understand and study your complete supply chain requirement. Based on the collected details and putting in their experience, our team proposes the best suitable solution to you.

We believe in Rapid Prototyping using modern technology and swiftly converting the concept into physical model. We own the set of 3D Printers which can quickly turn any design into reality and creating the replica of the concept. As soon as the proposed solution is finalized, our team starts prototyping and validated the sample at your end in record timeline.

This is what differentiates us from the regular market. We have our in-house manufacturing facilities for all type of fabrication that is involved in packaging industry ranging from Plastic Forming, Metal Fabrication to PP Corrugated manufacturing. We own all the tools for the fabrication for standard products. Our manufacturing team holds the experience of around 15 years. Once the prototype is through, we proceed for building inventory with the fastest lead time assuring the best quality and deliverable.


Adding values to your supply chain we offer the complete packaging solution for managing the flow and tracking the inventory. Our asset are integrated with RFID and QR Codes which makes it trackable. We use the dedicated operational software to manage the complete flow. We offers the authorised login credentials to our customer where you can have the complete visibility on operation of particular flow. Once the manufacturing is done and inventory is created, other operation team takes over the project and set up the SOP and manage the flow.



We at Stacus provides Standard and Customized solutions in Cost-Effective way.