MHE Solutions for Supply Chain


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MHE Solutions for Supply Chain

Stacus” brings in the complete supply chain management solution by introducing the wide range of “Material Handling Equipment Solutions” (MHE Solution) with advance functionality, making the Industrial operations much easier and safer.


Stacus Material handling equipment are widely accepted because of its flexibility and increased productivity. We design cost effective solution by considering all the aspects of Packaging and Material Handling to avoid any disruptions in the future to streamline operations, improve safety and ultimately increase revenue. 

Need for Material Handling Equipment varies from industry to industry and warehouse to warehouse. There are multiple types of Material Handling Equipment available in the market as a standard size but we at stacus offers standard and customized sizes depends on customer requirements. The customization can be done on length, width and height of the Material Handling Solutions. Our MHE design opt to multi-purpose solution whether it’s for In-house or transport operations.

What is Material Handling Equipment?

Material handling machines encompasses a diverse range of tools and vehicles for movement, storage, control and protection of materials, goods and products throughout the process of manufacturing, distribution, consumption and disposal. Depends on the Material handling and movement usage it can be categories and each category have a wide variety of useful equipment that ensure the safety movement of heavy materials or large volumes of products easier.

Why Industries investing on Material Handling Equipment?

Material handling and logistics plays vital role in supply chain operation. In industrial plants workers needs to pick-up and move something larger than one person can carry so they required material handling vehicle for easy access. Companies started investing on high quality MHE to simplify the In-house and transport operation to improve efficiency, productivity and maximize profit. MHE is almost used in all Warehouses, Manufacturing plants, ports and Airports.

Our Highlights

  • Available in Standard and Customized Sizes

  • Multi-purpose solution- In-house, Transport etc...

  • Operation Friendly

  • Cost Effective by reducing overall handling costs

  • Maximize Productivity

  • Improve efficiency