Industrial Packaging Solutions







Stacus Solution offers End-to-End packaging solutions to optimize Industrial supply chain. Our products and Services are to Automotive, Retail, Electronics, Pharmaceutical and FMCG Industries. We have decades of experience in designing and testing the industrial packaging solutions that fits to industrial products. Our main objective­ is to offer complete packaging solutions which lower the overall cost of the packaging without impacting the environment.

Stacus has the capability to offer packaging container with different packaging materials including Reusable Plastics, ABS, HDPE, HIPS, PP, Molded Wooden, Steel, Bio-degradable wrap and bags.

Our Solutions are Operation friendly and can be customized to any size as per customer requirements. We never compromise on quality of our packaging solutions; this will safeguard the product and eliminate the material damage.

We segregate Returnable Transport Packaging Market by materials (Plastic, Metal, Wood), Product (Containers, Crates, Pallets, Drums, Barrels, Protective Dunnage), Applications (Automotive, Retail, Electronics, Pharmaceutical & FMCG’s) and Geography.

What is Returnable Transport Packaging (RTP)?

Generally, a multi-trip packaging medium in this product or goods can be transported more than once between supplier and customer.

Returnable transport packaging from the supplier which is located in the storage location is managed as special stock and is allocated to the respective supplier. It is the property of the supplier and does not consider as the valuated stock.

Why Industries prefers Returnable transport packaging?

In most cases, it is not possible to send some industrial products without packaging so supplier should pack it with some type of container or boxes. In heavy load industries, packaging is a challenging task to give ultimate protection to high value machinery or sensitive parts. But these packaging containers or boxes are expensive one so to save the cost for next cycle supplier will collect the empty packaging once customer utilized their product. This process called as Returnable Transport Packaging (RTP).

And disposal of used traditional Packaging materials have placed excessive pressure on the environment. To deal with such situations, Returnable Transport Packaging enables standards with government regulation to reduce operation cost with lessor environmental impact.

Our Highlights

  • End-to-End supply chain solutions

  • Inbound and Outbound packaging

  • Returnable Solutions to reduce damage and cost

  • Standard and Customized packaging

  • Operation friendly innovative solutions

  • Physical Showroom for Industrial packaging

  • Assured Quality on packaging equipment

  • Transparent visibility over complete process for customer