"We Love What We Do"

Stacus Solution is the budding organization who crafts the most optimized, efficient and Eco-friendly solution for managing widely diversified industrial supply chain. Stacus was founded in the year 2018 with an aspiring team with 30+ years of combined experience in Green Supply Chain industry.

Stacus Solution works towards the common vision to build the global network of Eco-friendly and the most Efficient supply chain solution in turns adding value to business and environment.



“Creating most Reliable, Smarter and Greener Supply Chain”


  • Commitment - We are strongly committed to our responsibilities towards Environment, Work Quality and Accountability.

  • Passion - We strongly believe in following our passion to create better future.

  • Respect - We respect our People, Customer and Partners.

  • Integrity: We uphold the highest standard of trust and integrity in all of our action.

  • Happy & Growing Culture - We exhibit a strong will to create a happy and growing culture.

  • Short Term Mission  
    To expand the geographical presence and create integrated supply chain network PAN India. 

  • Mid Term Mission  
    To establish intercontinental supply chain flow and provide solution to Global market.

  • Long Term Mission

      To be the reference for Global supply chain.



Our Story

"To Create the Global Network of Eco-friendly Supply Chain Solution"

Stacus story begins with two basic questions, "Why and How?"

Why Industries are bound with conventional supply chain system which is inefficient and highly challenging to the business and environment? & How we can bring in the change?

Currently the majority of the product that we use in our daily life reaches us by the process of supply chain. Right from the raw material supply to the manufacturing industry to the shipping of finished product to distributer, retailer and stores, supply chain plays its role in six basic ways.


Material Handling







We at “Stacus” create the standard and customized solution in all six segments of supply chain with two major value proposition, Eco-friendly product and IOT integration in the system. This has proven to be the most efficient and effective substitute for the conventional method.

We help industries to step towards a GREENER future.

Stacus Solution Pvt Ltd

Stacus Solution is an Organization who offers the Eco-friendly packaging solutions in turn adding values to the packaging supply chain, business & Environment.

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Stacus Solution Pvt. Ltd,

No: 41&42, Indirani Nagar,

Vandalur-Oragadam Road, Manivakkam,

Chennai - 600048.


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